What is Giclee Printing?


Here is a post about Giclee printing and why do we only print using this technique & how amazing the quality is ! I won't bore you to death with tons of technical stuff,  but it is interesting to know the difference between this and normal lower cost ink jet printing.

The Process : The Technical Bit 

Giclee inks are applied in microscopic droplets, which offers not only accuracy but higher resolution, more vivid color, and better resistance to fading and aging, this technique combined with the use of Premium Museum quality archival paper ensures the print has a no fade or yellowing  guarantee of over 100 years ( if not left in the sun tho of course )  


The Materials; 

Giclee prints are typically made using higher quality materials than inkjet. In fact, most professionals do not consider giclee prints to be true giclee unless they are made using archival quality paper and inks which we use for Animl By Design.

By comparison it is fairly rare to find archival quality papers in inkjet print offerings, and though it may be more common to find inkjet inks that claim to be archival these do not go as far unless paired with other high quality materials. 


The Accuracy ;

The application of ink to giclee prints is more accurate than with inkjets but the accuracy advantages that giclee has do not end there. Giclee inks are recognized as having superior color accuracy. Giclee’s advantages here are tied to the ink quality and concise ink application as well as other technical factors. The difference though is visible when giclee prints are held up against inkjet prints; for vividness, sharpness, and overall appeal, the print looks like an actual paining. Its the best way to go if you want a print to last and be a real talking point in the home.


The Results; 

The equipment and materials necessary to make giclee prints have more limited availability than those required for inkjet printing and require more expertise to operate and maintain. Our expert Giclee Print company is called The Ink Pot in Somerset where our business is based which means we can closely work together on the colours and maintain a premium quality we are known for.

Nick at The Ink Pot is know for his extremely high quality premium service and apart from working with other artists he even prints Giclee prints of old masters to display, so that the expensive paintings can be stored in order to reduce house insurance. Very interesting ! 

Those who are qualified to operate giclee printing presses have a great deal of training and experience for this higher end equipment, and are assisted by state of the art color management systems and quality checks.

When you order from us see the quality you won't be disappointed and then understand the reason we only sell prints using this printed technique.