How to Create a Gallery Wall in 6 easy steps !

You might have a long hall to fill, large wall space in the front room or tiny bathroom - a gallery wall can create a real impact with a personal touch as well a creating a personal touch. Whether you are starting your collection from scratch or have prints at the ready there are a few top tips: 

1) Do your research - a lot of planning goes into gallery walls and this can make all the difference. Using different frames in different sizes and different colour can create an eclectic approach, whilst using matching frame styles in classics such as black, gold or white creates a more uniform minimal finish.

2)  Decide what look you are going for. Mixing typography with print always looks Insta fab and they look fab next to impactful ones, think about the colours in your room and if you want to add to the palette or extend the palette by introducing complimentary colours. If you are going for a minimal approach stick to a pallete of 5 or 6 colours with typography and you are on to a winner, or if not feeling brave stick to black and white with one or two pops of colour. 

3) Get the Canva app ! take a pic of your space and the prints you want to put into it, get onto canva and have a play. Its man app for creating artwork  and social media posts but you can use it to have a play with your art on the walls. Even just to get an idea 

4) Use this to lay the prints out on the floor and then take pictures of each layout before you change them, then look over your layouts and decide which one you like standing next to the wall you are going to fill. 

5) Then using pieces of paper ( preferably the right size ), stick the paper onto the wall in the way that you have created the layout so that you have a template to work to. Mark on the walls with a pencil where the nail/s will go in. NB Ensure the space between each picture is more or ;less even, get the ruler out if need be.

6) Gather your materials - spirit level is vital ! Then slowly replace each piece of paper with the artwork - checking your mock up your your phone as you go along.

Don't worry if you make a hole in the wrong place it can be filled, that way you take the pressure off yourself. As you get more confident with your choices, replace and evolve the wall art with finds and meaningful pieces. 

Thats it ! then sit back and enjoy your fab handy work ! 


Great examples below : 


Love the use of black on the walls for real impact ! All the frames are black creating a professional slick finish, the use of a few colours with monochrome works really well. 



Fab colours in this example, the same style of frames but in different finishes, key for this look is that all the prints are impactful with similar eclectic colours, keep the space between the frames more or less the same size.


Great use of objects and quirky shelving - look at the negative space around hte objects each one has more or less the same amount of space around them, which creates a purposeful, professional finish. 

Minimal and stunning! Use the same style and colour of frame and ensure the same size gap is between each frame. Print wise use tone on tone neutrals to create sophistication. 


What a fab idea ! adding a single stripe of colour to anchor the frames so that they don't look lost. Fun striking prints in brights with an eclectic mix of frames all brought together with the pink stripe. Lovely !