In need of colour inspiration for your home ? Top 5 trends 2021

Are you in need of some inspiration ?

Here we have some fantastic inspiration for you with all the latest trends on colour. Jo Godbold our founder is also a trend forecaster and so can exclusively share with you the latest trends and the connection we have with colour and mood.


Restorative New Neutrals :

Almond, cappuccino and soft milky neutral tones evoke a cocooning and cosy feeling, after 2020, this year there is a shift away from cooler greys towards warm greys and comforting neutrals.

These colours are perfect for creating restful living spaces that bring a sense of comfort to the home. They also provide a fantastic base from which to add colour in accessories and soft furnishings or furniture.

A palette of muted or beige targets will also expand the space, moving the walls away. In addition to enlarging an area, a neutral palette imparts instant sophistication and creates a calm environment.

Perfect colours to live with in both a modern and traditional home, and wonderful to pair with pops of bright accessories or pair with natural textures for the ultimate in Boho Chic.


Let Nature In



Is soft green the new grey ? It features everywhere right now, its calming qualities combined with its nature connotations could explain its popularity.

Green features in all the colour trend blogs of many interior designers, velvet dark lush greens to light uplifting tones or fern or green with dusty undertones which can be used all over the home and have a powerful restorative quality.

Use in home office rooms to aid clear thinking and deep thought, in kitchens for a fresh organic feel or in living rooms in lush dark tones to create a feeling of being at one with nature surrounded by fields. Its even featured on Fallow and Ball as one of their top colours for 2021. 


Shades of Blue

Another tranquil colour and a favourite here at Animl By Design. A popular choice this year when decorating, blues add a serenity to any room. This year blue trends for interiors feature in cleaner sea foam or sky tone or a darker, inkier palette with Aegean sea connotations. 

Blues have a soothing effect in the home despite their cool undertones and evoke a feeling a peaceful calm which is what we all need this year. Paint furniture to create statement or paint feature walls to add depth and anchor your space.


Natural Clay

Continuing the theme of natural calming tones, clay is fast becoming prevalent on homes. Present in global fashion trends last summer, clay is set to become ever more popular in the coming seasons. Clay features in more early terracotta tones as well as plaster pink, spiced ochre and burnt orange and powdery clay all the pigments derive from natural materials.

From baked clay tones that warm up any room to earthy texture that’s just the right balance between rugged and refined, it’s no wonder these tones are becoming so popular.



We often crave warmer tones that will enrich our homes and create a cocooning sanctuaries to shut ourselves away in times of uncertainty.

Moving away from charcoal greys and cold navy blues, mulberry, amethyst, warm berry and plum tones bring a welcome change.  These rich saturated hues are effortlessly chic by day and cosy by night, in addition they create a grounded luxurious atmosphere in any room used on furniture or walls, it even features as Graham & Brown’s Colour of the Year 2021 

 It has the power to shape high impact spaces as the shade is associated with revelry and luxury. This shade can instantly bring more depth to a subtle white room. Mulberry also reflects light beautifully, it can bring a splash of punchy colours to your room. 


LICK - paints 

We also came across this fab website LICK, selling paints. You can purchase paint sticker samples of the colours you like for only £1, what a fab idea ! no need to cover the walls with painted swatches. There is a whole heap of help on there too as well as Eco friendly painting supplies.