Why Art matters when decorating your home.

Choosing a colour palette can be one of the most daunting parts of designing your interiors. The choices are vast and inspiration endless ! It can be difficult to narrow down the colours that suit you best, can live with day after day and give you that homey feeling in your space

A good way to start instead of looking at paint or wallpaper chips is by finding art that you love. Once you find a piece of work that you love, you can use it as a colour palette for your space.

Step 1;

Pick out 3-4  tones from your chosen art piece

Step 2;

Choose a neutral from the colours that could feature on the walls

( tip try an app like "Paint Tester' or ' The Home Depot Project Color ' )

Step 3;

Here it could be tones of the same colour or just one colour, for example in the image above we have selected the pink tones which can then feature in all the soft furnishings, or even a feature wall. 

Step 4:

Samples ! obtain swatches of materials and wallpaper in your colours and then also get samples of wood and metals so you can sort to create a mood board which will be the foundation of your room. 



One of the basic focal points of interior design is that every room needs a final point, or a single design element that will draw the eye in to the space.

Wall art can create a great focal point, over a bed or mantle. It can create a cosy space or dramatic talking point. 

A gallery wall also creates this focal point using more that one piece of art or wall hanging.

When choosing a piece of wall art to be a focal point for your space, the most important consideration is size. An artwork that is too small will get dwarfed by the surrounding furniture and a piece that is too big will look as though it is spilling over. Make sure to take measurements of the wall space available, so you know how much room you have at your disposal. 



Or send us a picture of your space  and we will add you chosen prints onto your walls so you can see which one works at what size.