Animl By Design Fans !

Its great to know that some of the more impactful prints add some personality to you homes and give much joy! We have been sent some wonderful photos of your fantastic homes, you have some fab homes thats for sure.

We love to feature your beautiful homes - if you would like to send us a photo of your print please do email it to or just go on insta and wizz it over and we will add on here. 

We sell two main styles one being the full textile print style artworks and the other being the animal heads.

See below for some wonderful ABD fans ! 


Blue Crowned Crane looking fab on a gallery wall & @carolem_beauty feeling the french vibe next to her flamingo print.
Wonderful photo of the Hoopoe bird print surrounded by heavenly foliage. 
The Heron print being guarded by two lovely pooches and the swan print sitting pretty amongst gorgeous ceramics. 
Stunning Yellow being picked up in the print to match the sofa, they perfectly compliment eachother. 
Stunning @stripeycoral looking fab next to her Hoopoe Bird print. 
The Heron print sitting pretty on the shelving, perfectly complimenting the colours in the room.