Sustainability and WWF

Animl By Design goals continue to focus on sustanability, whilst protecting our planet and animals that live on it.  We want  do the right thing and leave a positive environmental legacy.

Prints : We use high grade paper from sustainable sources, the paper mill is local to the business as is our expert printers, both of which are small to medium businesses so in purchasing from us you are also supporting other small businesses. 

Packaging ; Where possible we re-use packaging from retailers so the boxes are clean and nearly but otherwise would go to waste. We use eco friendly tape where possible. Our bubble wrap is not recyclable due to the high cost of eco bubble wrap ( which we will use as the business grows ) We try and not put tape all over the bubble wrap in order for you to reuse 

WWF; Because we care about our planet and the animals within, we donate to the  Worth Wildlife Fund, and sponsor endangered animals with a percentage of the profits. As the business grows we aim to give more back in the form or sponsorship and good causes. 

At the moment we have adopted a Amur Leopard and an Elephant and looking to add a Panda soon !

If you would like to adopt an animal its so easy go to